The look and feel of your web presence is the face of your company on the Internet. Your customers will be more likely to do business with you if they have easy access to information on your website. The staff of mst software GmbH has been involved in international web design for almost 20 years and we have deployed different styles and technologies, implemented on various platforms. With the most exciting technology still ahead, you can rely on us to balance the newest technologies with most reliable and proven options.


We consistently rely on modular solutions, which are based in most cases on a secure role-based content management system (CMS) or portal. We utilize technologies such as .NET, XHTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Silverlight and other recent developments. We implement your website in C# and install it on your server. We provide a running system, which will meet your specific requirements in terms of design and operation, and which incorporates your corporate design. Upon request, we can also provide a server which is completely maintained and managed by us.

Is it expensive?

The exact cost, of course, depends on your individual requirements, but we can provide a general estimate based on average requirements.

For example, our own company site is based on a content management system, and is thus fully configurable with rights management, workflows, and much more, fully supported. The costs are divided into fixed and monthly costs and are intended as an approximate overview.

Fixed costs:

  • 99 € - Installation CMS
  • 299 € - Development Skin/Theme
  • 199 € - Adjustment of the CMS to suit your needs

Monthly costs:

  • 49 € - Provision Server
  • 29 € - Management of the server by us

So you can see that a full featured Internet presence, with all the latest technologies, does not have to be expensive. You get everything from one source and can immediately begin adding your own content.

If this approach appeals to you and you would like to begin working with us, please contact us for further details. We can take your unique requirements and develop a system custom tailored to your design specifications.


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