Internet Solutions, CMS systems and portals are commonplace today. But precisely because of the large selection and the various licensing systems available, it is often difficult to get an overview, and where appropriate, to make the right choice for the application at hand. Initial setup is not the biggest concern, but rather, once you get established, the ability to make changes, despite the protestations of the firms involved, are often not so simple. Thus it is important at the outset to discuss matters in detail amongst partners in order to develop an appropriate strategy. With our extensive experience with various CMS systems/portals we can specifically address your needs, recommend the appropriate application and implement them quickly and properly.


We rely on Microsoft technologies. Our experience has shown that the .NET Framework, ASP.NET and other Microsoft Internet technologies are typically most suitable for smaller solutions to enterprise applications.  There are in every range of application, various freeware as well as commercial solutions which also offer the highest levels of on-site support and security. The systems that we employ make use of:

  • C# as development language
  • Moduls
  • Skins/Themes
  • Database (SQL Server to SQL Compact) or file-based storage
  • Content Templates
  • Workflow Management
  • Security

We want to stress here that we do not rely on DotNetNuke, because we believe it is too slow and too resource intensive for the average server.

If you do not have a server that is connected to the Internet or prefer not to manage this yourself, we can also do that on your behalf.

Is it affordable?

Our price structure involves total transparency; we do not include hidden costs in our proposals. Please refer to our web design section to learn more about the costs involved to build and maintain a complete Internet presence.


If you are interested in working together, we would really like to get in contact with you to discuss these matters in more detail.


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