About mst software!

In 2005, the company mst software GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany and specializes in the development of efficient and cost-effective system utilities and system management tools. The focus of our development is on the Microsoft operating systems.

Our goal is to create tools and solutions that extend and improve the capabilities of Microsoft Windows, specifically in the areas of security and performance. Our software is used both in large, global companies and in small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as by many professional home users.

Prior to the formation of mst software GmbH, CEO Martin Stiemerling worked for various companies as a software developer.  He created "MS Defrag", the first commercial scheduled defragmentation software for Windows NT in Germany, and "mst Defrag", the world's first proactive defragmenter.

Our most popular product, mst Defrag, sets new standards in efficiency and technology development, and thereby ensures continuous high performance for our customers using Windows operating systems.

Our tools assist clients in their daily computing work, making their systems faster and more efficient. Our software replaces the need to perform certain routine tasks so our clients can concentrate on their core business.

Our customers especially appreciate the high level of reliability of our products. Numerous awards confirm that we are on the right track. But are not content to rest on past achievements.  We are working together with our partners and customers on the continuing development of our product range to ensure maximum benefit and the permanent protection of our customers' technology investments.

New ideas are quickly and competently translated into action at mst software GmbH. Our Research Labs are constantly looking for new challenges which drive the development of new and steadily improving technologies. A current example of this is the mathematics that helped create the latest optimization strategies of the next release of mst Defrag.  In the security environment, we are actively working on a tool that will make a substantial contribution to better protect systems from malicious software.

We proudly display the banner "Made in Germany" and the business is wholly located in Germany. Our products are designed 100 percent in Germany and are subject to our strict quality standards, because customer satisfaction remains our highest priority.